The 24-hour TAALK-a-Thon To End Child Sexual Abuse


The date has been changed to December 10th and 11th.

Join us for the 24-hour TAALK-a-Thon to end child sexual abuse. Dr. Bray will be a special guest on TAALK’s 24 hour internet radio show featuring guest speakers each hour covering a variety of topics related to child sexual abuse awareness, education and support. Listen to the show live on November 19th/20th or listen to the archives after the fact but register either way at


  1. Debbie Theoldore says

    A few years ago, I thought it was me and my kids against the juvenile/family courts, their abusive father/my ex husband, and social system. My eyes and heart began to open when I was able to talk about what happen to a couple of people at school who are now friends. Then, it was talking about it to Kathie and now you Dr Bray. My family have gone through a lot and like you said today that I and my kids are Survivors.

    I would like to see the day child sexual abuse will stop and agree whole heartly it’s through education and the freedom to speech. It should never be acceptable to allow a father to molest children including his own and to be allowed to continue his life after three years of prison with seeing them again and to re-marry and have two new kids. With that said he lives in Arkansas with a wife and two new kids ages 10 and 8. I pray that he did not sexually abuse his new kids.

    I volunteered a couple of years ago for IVAT at Town and Country convention. It was very powering to see the Domestic violence silhouettes, clothesline of t-shirt of individual stories of abuse, and especially so many counselors, mental health workers, and etc, joining together to stop Violence and Break the Silence.

    So, I thank you Bob for being part of the talk of thon and sharing your knowledge. I just wish I could of reached out to you or others, when my kids and me were in such turmoil with trust and open arms. From my experience, I hope one day I can too help other mothers or fathers and their children to be aware and stop Abuse with kindness and a open heart. Thanks, Debbie

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