As Veteran-Related Crime Statistics Increase – Defense Attorneys Will Have a New Tool Available

Click here to read the article: As Veteran-Related Crime Statistics Increase – Defense Attorneys Will Have a New Tool Available

The authors are doing a great service for the Veteran population by helping distribute the solid facts about the impact of this war on 300,000 plus who are or will suffer from PTSD.

The impairments to living in our world that are the hallmarks of PTSD often resulting in running outside the legal and social norms. Understanding the nature of the underlining problems is imperative if justice is to be served for the victims, the perpetrators, and our community. Justice in its simplest terms is seeing that one gets what one is due. What is due us all is real concern for our safety and loving caring support in being human as best we can. What is due the men and women we ask to go in harm’s way is every possible service and support in living among us as a nation.

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