How Child Abuse Primes the Brain for Future Mental Illness

This is very good article (click here to read the full article) explaining how cell damage occurs under high stress and has an impact throughout one’s life in managing stress in general. More importantly it begins to help us understand why some are susceptible to traumatic stress. Knowing that there is physical damage to the cells of the brain and the functioning of the systems these parts of the brain control I hope will relieve those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress responses from the guilt and shame that stops them from reaching out for help. I hope this information will also help those who do not have posttraumatic stress problems in being more compassionate and accepting of their condition. Regardless of the origins of the traumatic stress responses overwhelming an individual Thought Field Therapy (TFT) will immediately eliminate the overwhelming emotional stress one experiences when triggered. The nature of the triggers and the frequency of the overwhelming response may indeed be directly related to the abuse suffered as a child and subsequent damage to brain cells. This just means some have to use more Thought Field Therapy than others.

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