Thought Field Therapy™ and Traumatic Stress Recovery for Refugees and Immigrants

A pilot project with TFT to help immigrants and refugees resolve post traumatic stress symptoms didn’t last long but it did help – a lot.

This project, delivered in conjunction with The San Diego Elementary School Counseling Partnership at Andrew Jackson Elementary School served several immigrant communities. Clients were served in English, Spanish, Amharic (Ethiopia), Tigrinia (Eritrea), and Somali, French. Swahili, and Arabic. There was a great need for services in general and more specifically to resolve trauma the immigrants experienced in their homeland and in their transition to the U. S. Also, because of their unfamiliarity with mainstream therapy and their distrust of “strangers” these groups were unlikely to seek traditional counseling services. Their difficulties with the English language and access to translation, and high mobility rates among immigrants and refugees require quick treatment approaches.

Thought Field Therapy sessions were provided free of charge to individuals and families by supervised TFT trained counseling interns. In most cases TFT was done in the presence of other family or community members at the school or at home. A wide range of issues were treated from psychological threats to violence and torture.

During the first meeting clients completed an evaluation of their post traumatic stress symptoms. Clients completed the same form as a post test 30 days or more after treatment. Results were constant across age, primary language, gender, ethnicity, and service provider. In the end 79% reported significant improvements in the frequency of their traumatic stress symptoms; far beyond what can be expected with traditional  therapy.

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  1. Shirley says

    The more I read about trauma the more I see the grief and the loss. Healing is possible. We can heal by
    design . Using TFT is so gentle. Thanks for what you do.

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